A History of the Church of the Good Shepherd

The content of this page comes mainly from the 25th Anniversary Brochure (Published in 2010, which not only documents where God has taken the Church of the Good Shepherd, but it also acts as a blueprint for the calling and vision God has for his church now and into the future.

You can read more about the history of our church and its founding apostle by purchasing the 25th Anniversary Brochure from the Resource Centre.


The origins of the Church of the Good Shepherd can best be told in the words of it's founding Senior Pastor, Robyn Peebles. These are excerpts from the 25th Anniversary Brochure.


“As I look back on things I can see that one particular morning in March 1977 now marks what truly was a new beginning for me and my family. On that morning, as I recommitted my life to the Lord, I said 'Here I am Lord, send me'. Little did I know that I was actually speaking the words of the prophet Isaiah.


"In 1981, I was invited to be part of Ryde High School’s Inter-School Christian Fellowship (I.S.C.F.). With much prayer from our youth group and their sharing of the gospel in this local high school, we became part of a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit. This carried throughout the school and also touched other youth in the community.


"In 1984...A small group of us met together including my prayer partner, Elizabeth, whom I had met in 1980 ...This relationship and friendship, fused together by God, came to form the very foundation on which this church has been built.


"Australia Day Weekend 1985, Sunday 27th January, was the time that the Lord appointed for our ‘small beginnings’ as we gathered together in the lounge room of our home. Little did we know that that was the first meeting of what is now the Church of the Good Shepherd.”