Anzac, Empires and Israel’s Restoration 1798 -1948


by Kelvin Crombie, paperback 390 pages



“From the uttermost ends of the earth ships and soldiers are approaching or gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean in fulfilment of a destiny as yet not understood by mortal man…the arrival of the Anzacs in Egypt created the nucleus of the Army needed to attack the heart of the Turkish Empire.”
Winston Churchill, The World Crisis

Napoleon’s invasion of the Eastern Mediterranean in 1798 provoked a battle between the European empires for control of that strategic region, placed as it was between Europe and the wealth of the East, especially India.

This battle also resurrected Jewish hopes of a return to their ancient homeland – the land of Israel, a hope strongly supported by countless Bible-believing Christians, especially in Britain.

During the course of the following one hundred and fifty years, this battle between the Empires also witnessed the active involvement of soldiers from Australia and New Zealand (Anzacs) in the region, as well as men from South Africa and India and elsewhere in the British Empire. These men fought and Gallipoli in Turkey, the Sinai, Gaza, Beersheba, Jerusalem and Jericho, Damascus, in Transjordan, at Tobruk in Libya, in Greece, Crete and El Alamein in Egypt.

The contribution of these Anzac and other soldiers played a significant role in enabling Israel’s restoration, as part of Britain’s imperial ambitions. However, Britain’s role, which began with Napoleon’s incursion in 1798, ended when the state of Israel was founded in May 1948 – 150 years later.

Using archival material, including Cabinet Minutes, as well as other original sources, diaries, interviews, and numerous secondary works, the author has endeavoured to bring together these varied aspects of that fascinating period between 198-1948, a period which significantly altered the destinies of Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Britain – and indeed the world.

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