Aven on Earth


by Amanda Summers and Kay Summers

paperback, 191 pages


She stepped into the portal and everything changed…

Aven lives in a fantastic realm full of light, color, interactive creatures and priceless treasures where she finds herself at perfect peace. She is given a choice: will she leave this place to help a family who desperately needs love and joy? Aven agrees only to discover an unfamiliar and uncomfortable world.

Now facing the painful loss of her beloved brother and a fractured relationship with her mother, Aven finds comfort in her dreams, friendship, and extended family, and guidance from angelic beings. Yet even those are at risk.

Aven longs to return to the place she first called home and to feel the love and joy she was meant to bring to her family. Perhaps she can do both…

Find yourself swept away from the shallows of this world and into new spiritual depths as you journey along with Aven on Earth. This is the debut book form the forthcoming Swept from the Shallows series by first-time authors Amanda Summers and Kay Summers

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