Children’s Journey Guide

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Lorna Jenkins
paperback 20 pages

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Dear Leaders,

This is a good book for helping you to get to know your children. You could use this as an activity in your Cell Group at first. Later you could go through it personally with each new child who joins your group.

The book belongs to the child, however, you might want to retain it while you work on some of the checkpoints. The Checkpoints do not have to be achieved in order. It’s like a ap of a country, where you check off the towns you have visited. Some children who ave checked off some of the later checkpoints may have gaps at the beginning

This book will also help you to ow what the children need to know in the Christian journey. You should be able to plan your group times to help the children meet these needs. It will also help the children to remember what happened to them on their Christian journey and to know the things where they need to grow.

May God bless you all as you explore the adventure of being a follower of Jesus.

Lorna Jenkins

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