by Nancy Coen
paperback 206 pages



Get ready – God is doing amazing things!

By trying to bring the huge magnificent, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, all-present, infinite mind of God down into the earth realm, we have misinterpreted what is coming in the future. We have tried to make our little tiny, finite minds encompass His vast unlimited mind. But it does not work that way, because the ‘wisdom of man is foolishness to God.’

If we will leave the boxed-in restrictions of the age of the church behind and enter the age of the Kingdom, we can experience the fullness of all God created us to be in Christ. Nancy Cohen shares the revelatory ways she has understood scripture, prayer, and ascension experience that can help you find your way to an understanding of all God has for you, for the earth, and forth future. He is Limitless!