Stories of Australia’s Christian Heritage


by Elizabeth Rogers Kotlowski

paperback, 167 pages



From the proclamation of Australia as the ‘Southland of the Holy Spirit’ in 1606 to Alfred Deakin, the co-author of Australia’s Constitution, God’s hand has decisively shaped the destiny of our country:

Many people think that Australia has always been a secular godless place. But at every turn in our history men and women of faith have laid a godly foundation and built a rich Christian heritage.

Richard Johnson, chaplain to the First Fleet, building a church with is own hands…

Explorer Charles Sturt, nearly died in the hear of Central Australia, praying to ‘the fountain of All Mercy’…

Caroline Chisholm fighting off rats in 1840’s Sydney, promising God she would ‘surrender all comfort’ to serve impoverished immigrant girls…

John Flynn, sitting with isolated outback families and dreaming of bringing ‘flying doctors’ to the vast Inland…

This collection of short, easy-to-read stories reveals our well-known pioneers, explorers and statesmen who have been God’s instruments for establishing a nation based on Christian principles.

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