Tables and Platforms


by Marios Ellinas
Paperback, 109 pages



Invitation to Influence
“Look at me.” scream selfies plastered across social media. So-called influencers post daily, hourly, and more. Yet the true gauge of influence hinges on character which develops not under a spotlight but in private.

Everyone has a measure of influence. Yours may be as close as your family or reach as far as international policymaking. You may be an entrepreneur, an academic, a scientist, teacher or minister. Your gifts and calling may usher you onto public platforms or place you at intimate table gatherings. You have a message worth sharing, but how do you exercise influence with integrity in a commercialized, self-promoting culture?

Marios Ellinas reveals the means by which we can leverage both table and platform opportunities to affect significant, meaningful transformation on personal and societal levels. We may begin seated at a table and later stand on a platform. No matter where we are invited, our response must come from the hidden place. There we can hear God’s whisper. From there, He will reveal us in Heaven’s image and timing. Only then will we have the true influence needed to impact the world with the power of God’s Kingdom.

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