Robyn Peebles

Robyn is well known for her contribution to the City of Ryde and Australia. In 2001, the Centenary of Federation and International Year of Volunteers, Robyn was given an award “One Hundred Years – One Hundred Heroes” for ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to their communities and Australia, from the Prime Minister of Australia.

Robyn Peebles’ accomplishments in the community have been and are used as examples around Australia and in other countries around the world. She has been written about in a number of books. Her work has brought life and a greater sense of community, locally, nationally and overseas.

She is respected and recognised internationally as a pioneer of reconciliation and for restoring Kingdom principles within the nations, church and local community. Her full story can be read in her autobiography Daughter of a Loving Father, which is a powerful testimony of God’s love, as well as an evangelistic tool.

Elizabeth Evans

I am truly privileged to have been a partner in the founding of the Church of the Good Shepherd.

In August 1966 I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. After several years He began to show me that I was an intercessor. I knew little of what this meant as I had never been taught about this ministry.

In 1980 I met Robyn Peebles at the home of a mutual friend. Within a short time, the Lord had established a strong and deep friendship between Robyn and myself. Although we were very different in personality and belonged to different fellowships, we shared one passion—to follow the Lord Jesus and serve Him.

Robyn and I...began meeting several times a week to pray and share what the Lord was teaching us, individually. We were excited to learn that He was speaking about the same matters often giving partial revelation to each. Only together could we have the whole picture. Jesus taught us that He wants His Body to function this way, learning from each other with Himself as the head.

During a Christian conference in January 1982, a speaker challenged the assembly to commit to working to bring their home cities into relationship with Jesus Christ. Robyn and I stood and made this commitment regarding the City of Ryde.

Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

Visions Ministries inc.

I feel I owe Bishop Harry & Doreen Westcott so much for helping me find the path to my destiny. From 1982 and onwards, through Vision Conferences; Vision College of Ministry and their love and time, I have been inspired, envisioned and encouraged. In January 1985 I phoned Harry and shared with him that I believed the Lord was calling me to begin a church. He said to me “Have A Go!” To this day, every time the Lord challenges me with something new, I hear Harry’s words “Have A Go!”


I invited Bishop Harry & Doreen to our church in March 1986 to see how we were going. It was a very special moment for me and us as a fellowship, when they ordained me and acknowledged my calling from the Lord before the congregation.

By the way, I am still ‘Having A Go.’


Former Prime Minister of Australia (1996-2007)

The Church of the Good Shepherd has been widely recognised as a model for the community involvement and interaction, much to the benefit of the community I represent in Federal Parliament.


As someone who places an enormous importance on the family unit as a stabilising factor of modern society, I believe that organisations such as the Church of the Good Shepherd provide an invaluable service in fostering a sense of family amongst both church members and the wider community.